Located in Saint Cyprien in the town of Lecci in the north of Porto-Vecchio, the production site already has a long experience in the realization of swimming pools (shell and in situ coatings), parts and structures in composite materials.

The quality of the achievements has allowed KYRNOS PISCINES® to establish itself as a key player in the insular production of composites for the Corsican market (Made in Corsica).

Our team 

At KYRNOS PISCINES® our team is specialized in the design, creation and manufacture of swimming pools and structures made of composite materials, polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass glass.

KYRNOS PISCINES®'s passion for quality workmanship means that KYRNOS PISCINES® chooses its pool or in situ coating without worrying about technical details and constraints.

KYRNOS PISCINES® and its environment:

Particularly sensitive to the ecological footprint that we leave, all our swimming pools, coatings and structures are done according to the rules of the art and the strictest compliance with professional and environmental standards.


Our resources

Human resources :  

Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians is the foundation of our company in order to guarantee an optimal quality of production and to ensure the durability of KYRNOS PISCINES® over time.

Our local :

Our nave of manufacture of 1000m ² heated and ventilated, is implanted on our site of 5000m ² which is fenced and guarded.

Showroom of 80m²

Tools and molds : 

Range of tools for ponds and extensions, furniture, accessories, etc.

Equipment manufacturing
  • Machines for dosing / mixing / depositing gelcoat, Topcoat resin and simultaneous projection.
  • Polyurethane foam spraying machine.
  • Complete range of high performance pneumatic and power equipment.
  • Compressors 
Handling and transport
  • Lifting and handling machines workshop and construction sites.
  • Tractor unit and its specific trailer lowered for deliveries of swimming pools.
  • Fleet of 6 intervention vehicles, including a heavy vehicle to tow the trailer and its basin.

The decennial guarantee of hulls and coatings in situ:   

The decennial warranty is a guarantee that protects you against defects and faults in the strength and waterproofness of the installation for 10 years. All our ponds and coatings in situ are thus designed in the strictest respect of the standards of realization / installation and the rules of the art.

They are made in Corsica (because we are also sensitive to the ecological footprint we leave) for the Corsican market.


KYRNOS PISCINES® intervenes mainly in 3 main areas of activity


A Range Polyester shell standard.
B Range Customized swimming pools.


                      Waterproofing, New pool or renovation.


                      Furniture and parts made to measure or in small series.

I.A SWIMMING POOLS. Standard polyester hull range

  • SERENA 7.5 X 3 meters. Depth: 1.45 m
  • Kyrnos 3 3.5 X 2.2 meters. Depth: 1.40 m
  • Kyrnos 4 4 X 4 meters. Depth: 1.40 m
  • Kyrnos 6 6.5 X 3.2 meters. Depth: 1,40 m
  • Kyrnos 8 8 X 4 meters. Depth: 1.50 m
  • Kyrnos 9 9 X 3.6 meters. Depth: 1.50 m
  • Kyrnos 10 10.5 X 4 meters. Depth: 1.50 m
  • Mega Kyrnos 19 X 4 meters. Depth: 1.50 m

NB: Internal dimensions do not take into account the extensions and peripheral ranges. Non-contractual dimensions


Some advantages of KYRNOS PISCINES® hulls

  1. One-piece swimming pools with soft touch, offering incomparable comfort.
  2. A reduced cost at the time of purchase, which is also accompanied by significant savings in treatment and maintenance.
  3. Energy savings in all stages of construction.
  4. A very short on-site installation time (manufacture and delivery costs very advantageously optimized, avoiding costs related to the transport of the continent).
  5. Even very hard to reach areas can be served by heliporting.

Some Options

  • Automatic underwater cover
  • Automatic cover above ground.
  • Adaptation submerged cover without cover chest.
  • Color of the gelcoat.
  • Thermal insulation by spraying polyurethane foam.
  • Mosaic water line or over the entire surface.
  • Swimming against the current.
  • Balneotherapy
  • Remote control multicolor LED projector.
  • Heat pump.
  • Salt electrolyser, pH regulation.
  • Pool-earth.
  • Etc.


I.B PISCINES MONOBLOC - Custom Pools (Excluding standard)

Out of the standard range KYRNOS PISCINES®, in terms of size and shape.

- Swimming pool corridor, without length limit.

- Version Pool with overflow (1 or 2 sides)

- Mirror pool version: overflow over the entire periphery of the basin

- Off-ground version.

The non-standard range can benefit from the same options as the standard range.


II IN SITU COATING: New swimming pool waterproofing Or renovation.


Whether it is to rehabilitate the tightness of a basin that has cracked or to opt for a coating that is simple to maintain, the "semi-adhesive" polyester coating corresponds to all types of needs. 

Composed of several layers (fibers) of fiberglass impregnated with marine grade polyester resin and finished with a Topcoat sanitary quality to the desired shade, we can cover almost all existing supports.

The preparation differs according to whether it is a tile, a silicombrebreux, a traditional masonry coating a paint, polyester shell or metallic walls. 

The thickness of the finished coating is about 3.5 to 4 mm and can fit all shapes. Its 5 to 7% elongation makes it possible to withstand the possible cracks in the masonry support during the time or the deformations of other supports.

It is the ultimate waterproofing coating that meets AFNOR standards through DTP No. 2, recognized by insurance companies and experts.

The semi-adhering polyester coating gives the pelvis a uniform and harmonious finish and is easy to maintain in a wide range of colors.

It ensures the total and durable watertightness of the pool and can be easily repaired locally in case of external aggression.

Its very good resistance to time and its excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis guarantee many years of tranquility.

The whole team is at your disposal to study with you the realization of your site. Quotes are free.



III FURNITURE: Furniture and pieces made to measure or in small series. FURNITURE for swimming pools, garden and leisure in Composite materials 

KYRNOS PISCINES® is a designer and manufacturer of fiberglass composite furniture for outdoor and indoor use.

Fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin composites with Topcoat sanitary finish, allow new forms to be left free, and avoid tedious and costly maintenance or renovation. 

KYRNOS PISCINES® furniture is made of the same materials as boats and swimming pools. It does not hinder frost, rain, UV or liquids (stains). They are lightweight and therefore easily movable.

The furniture thus created will be declined in the form of Table, armchair, Sofa, Sunbathing / Deckchair, stool, chair, planter, lighting, etc ..

Customizable in color and case by case will be able to receive marine saddlery. 

Our range of Furniture will reach as much the individuals, as the professionals (Hotel, piscinier, designer, decorators, architects, etc.).


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